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The benefits of a raw, grain-free diet for your dog include:


I should tell you how much my two Whippets love love love your product. We recently moved to the area from QLD and they used to enjoy Dr B’s raw diet but not in the same insatiable way they eat Pooch’s Pantry. And I love the smell and appearance of it. It just looks so jam packed with goodness. Almost fit for human consumption I’d say.

Kylie, Montecollum

Thank you Pooch's Pantry for keeping Olly so healthy on the inside! He's been a long time fan. Thanks to your passion, dedication and thorough understanding of canine nutrition, Olly has bounced back after intestinal surgery as good as new. For a ten year old - that's saying something! I can't recommend your business, or the gorgeous doggie foods you produce highly enough

Linda, Ocean Shores

My 8yr old mini fox terrier loves Poochs Pantry. He was a fussy eater before that and I didn't like the idea of canned food so I gave Poochs Pantry a try and now that's all he eats along with some kibble. No tummy upsets any more. The service is quick and on time.

Cath, Ocean Shores

My pup loves it! It's good to know I can feed him such good food so easily. Highly recommend the food for other fur babies

Micayla, Lennox

All I can say is that my Cosmo thrives on your wholesome food, he’s been in fantastic condition since he started on Pooch’s Pantry

Nicole, Cabarita